Patronage & tax incentives

In compliance with the French law on Patronage and Foundations of August 1st, 2003, company donations now give rise to a reduction in company tax amounting to 60% of the amount donated (they were previously deductible from the taxable profits resulting in a tax reduction of 33% maximum). If the company reports a loss, the tax credit can be carried forward over the next five years (art. 6 modifying art. 238 bis of the French Tax Code).


Furthermore, the ceiling for donations has been increased to 5 / 1000 of revenues whatever the status of the beneficiary (instead of 3.25 / 1000 for state approved Foundations and 2.25 for those without state approval). If the ceiling is exceeded, the balance can be carried forward over the five years following the donation (art. 6 modifying art. 238 bis of the French Tax Code and art. 220 E).


For individuals, the tax reduction is 60%, and the ceiling 20%, of taxable income.


When the donation is received, the donor is issued with a receipt (based on the official CERFA 11580*01 receipt).

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